Electrical Installation Condition report (EICR)

home buyers electrical reportAttention Home Buyers!

If you are buying a house, you will probably have a survey carried out to make sure that the property is worth what you are paying for it.  A survey will look at things such as whether the property suffers from a damp problem, if the roof is in a good state of repair, the age of the boiler and the general structure of a property but what it won’t do is look at the state of the electrics.

Everyone knows how expensive a new roof would be or a new boiler.  But, if you don’t check out the electrics, you could be leaving yourself wide open to a bill you just weren’t expecting.  And with the average cost of rectifying electrical issues after you have moved in being around the £2,000 mark (yes, really!), it is something you should really consider before making that offer.  The only way of knowing the condition the electrical installation is by having a qualified electrician do a fixed wire test on the property.

We’re doing more and more of these tests as people become wise to the fact that some electrical repairs are not only an expensive problem to fix after you have moved in to your lovely new home (not to mention the associated costs of, say, re-plastering and re-decorating if chasing out has to be done) but your family’s life is at risk if there is a potentially dangerous fault with the electrics.

So, what would it cost for us to carry out a test for you?  An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) conducted by Elite Power is just £180 (including VAT).  For this, one of our experienced electrical engineers will carry out full Fixed Wire Test that will test the electrical installation of the property and uncover any hidden damage that cannot be identified through a visual inspection. This could save you thousands on repairs, not to mention peace of mind that your new home will be safe for your family to move in to.

So, to avoid a costly bill when you really don’t need it, get in touch to book test on 07581 027159.