Fuseboard Replacements

replacement fuse boardsHow old is the fuse board in your home? Does it conform to current electrical regulations?

A fuse board (otherwise referred to as a consumer unit) is what controls and distributes the electricity in your home and it should contain three things:

The Main Switch

This allows you to turn off the electricity supply to your home.

Fuses and/or Circuit Breakers

Fuses can be found in older fuse boards and, when a fault occurs or the fuse is overloaded, they will become hot and melt, breaking the circuit and keeping you safe

Circuit Breakers (also known as RCBOs) are automatic protection devices that give a more precise protection than fuses and will ‘trip’ the circuit when a fault is detected.

Residual Current Devices (RCD)

An RCD switches off electricity automatically if there is a fault and is designed to protect against the risks of electrocution and fire caused by earth faults. For example, if you cut through the cable when mowing the lawn and accidentally touched the exposed live wires.

An RCD works by constantly monitors the electric current flowing through the circuits it is being used to protect. If it detects a fault, the RCD will quickly switch the circuit off, thereby reducing the risk of death or serious injury.

All new electrical installations will have RCDs on all circuits, however, older installations may only have RCDs on some circuits. In fact, it is not uncommon for older properties to have no RCD protection at all.

How can I tell if my fuse board needs changing?

The easiest way would be to request a free-of-charge visual inspection from one of our experienced electricians. We will then be able to advise you as to the approximate age and condition of your fuse board, whether it needs to be changed and the cost for doing so.

If, however, your fuse board has a wooden back, cast iron switches, a mixture of fuses or no RCD protection, it is likely that it will need to be replaced.

How much will it cost?

Fuse board changes start from £450 including VAT. All fuse board changes come with an EICR as standard (see here for information on EIC reports).